Internship Program Held In the Machinery - CNC Department and Building Department

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PPPPTK BOE/VEDC of Malang has developed some programs along with foreign institutions which can improve the quality of education and human resources as well as the related activities.

One cooperative program with the foreign institution is implemented in the form of an internship program for foreign students. These students will demonstrate the knowledge and skills they have in PPPPTK BOE/VEDC of Malang.

The internship program conducted in PPPPTK BOE/VEDC of Malang will be followed by 6 (six) Hochschule RheinMain students. The organizing departments are the Machinery and CNC Department; and the Building Department.

For internship program held in the Machinery and CNC department, To introduce as well as to produce a learning material which can be used for the learning medium of CNC machine. in the Building department, To introduce as well as to produce a learning material namely ‘Park Bench from Concrete Making’ which can be used for the practical learning medium.

The final projects of the participants are finished, can give an important input for PPPPTK BOE/VEDC of Malang and Understanding the culture of Indonesia and Malang. The departments which organize the internship are: Machinery and CNC Department and Building Department. Assessment of Internship

There will be an evaluation for the participants in the end of the internship. It is intended to know how far they understand or comprehend the given materials.The result of the evaluation becomes the criterion to determine whether the participants pass the internship or not.(rfg/hmy)

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