Benchmarking of Lao PDR Delegation to Observe the Implementation of Competency-Based Training (CBT) Including Assessment in P4TK VEDC of Malang

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Created on Thursday, 19 March 2015 Last Updated on Tuesday, 24 March 2015 Published Date Written by yusi

One of the priority activities in the implementation of the Lao PDR Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET) Master Plan 2008-2015 and under the Asian Development Bank (ADB) on-going Strengthening TVET Project (STVETP) is focusing on developing a TVET System that is more responsive to labour market needs.

Given the important role both the Technical Vocational Education Department (TVED) of the Ministry of Education and Sports and the National Training Council (NTC), which is the Apex body providing policy directive to promote greater cooperation between the public and private sectors for the development of skilled manpower for Lao PDR, is the introduction and implementation of the competency-based TVET system in Lao PDR under the above-mentioned STVET Project. Therefore, representatives from these key organizations are interested in learning and observing approaches to the following practices involved in the design and implementation of outcome based on TVET/Competency-Based Training in Indonesia.

The benchmarking ideally involves visits to APEX agencies and TVET Institutions involved in CBT development and implementation, to learn and see the approaches in implementing CBT that support skills development through the TVET system in Indonesia. And one of TVET Institutions in East Java where Lao PDR delegation visits is P4TK VEDC of Malang.

On Tuesday, 3 March 2015, Lao PDR delegation which consists of Senior Officials from TVET Department, Ministry of Education and Sports (MOES), STVET Project schools directors, Senior Staff from Vocational Education Development Institute of Lao PDR and Senior STVET Project Managers,totally fifteen participants visited P4TK VEDC of Malang. The scope of the benchmarking is:

  •  Overview of how TVET is organized including the planning & involvement of key stakeholders in the design of CBT
  • The actual processes in developing and implementing CBT at P4TK VEDC of Malang

The benchmarking began with the welcoming speech and general overview of P4TK VEDC of Malang in Bima Hall. The speech was delivered by Mr. Suprayitno (Vice Director in General Affairs) as the representative of the director of P4TK VEDC of Malang. Competency is not something strange to discuss these days. Individual professionalism is recognized by the level of competency. P4TK VEDC of Malang has been working on developing and enhancing professional competency since 1985. Indonesian government has assigned P4TK VEDC of Malang, of which the main task is conducting training program for both educators and educational personnels; it actively involved in developing vocational high schools based on their competencies. P4TK VEDC of Malang, on the other hand, is providing training for local government, public, as well as private sectors. P4TK VEDC of Malang is excellent in skills training.

            In 1985, P4TK VEDC of Malang was to prepare the vocational high school teachers through a 3-year Diploma program (namely D-3). In the first year, the participants were provided with essential professional and pedagogical materials in P4TK VEDC of Malang. In the second year, they practiced directly in the schools appointed by P4TK VEDC of Malang. In the third year, they returned to P4TK VEDC of Malang to strengthen the theoretical and practical things they had received. In the end of the program, they were assessed and eventually were ready to be a professional vocational high school teachers. The graduates or the outputs from this program were relatively better than bachelor degree graduates.

Starting from 1988, the main duty of P4TK VEDC of Malang was to improve and develop the competency of educators and educational personnels, especially those from vocational high schools. There were three kinds of trainings in P4TK VEDC of Malang. The first one was a five-and-a-half-month training called vocational training dealing with professional competency. The second one was a three-month training called vocational training using teaching aid. The last one was a month training called pedagogical training.

Recently, the training in P4TK VEDC of Malang lasts from a week up to a month. Competency-Based Training has been implemented in P4TK VEDC of Malang. It adopted from curriculum implemented in Switzerland, but customized with the Indonesian social and cultural condition. To determine the competency, as Mr. Muljo Rahardjo had explained, it startsfromthe occupation; it breaks down into the duty, which can determine its tasks. To fulfil the tasks, it needs certain competencies and sub-competencies.P4TK VEDC of Malang uses CompetencyMapping to determine teacher’s competency. Competency Mapping consists of both software and hardware devices dealing with the construction process of training competencies; competency testing process; the implementation of training competencies; and competencies grade that aims to achieve the fulfilment of teacher competency.

           The benchmarking ended with a visit to Automotive department workshop. The delegation of Lao PDR observed the teaching aid developed by Automotive department. They were interested in the spooring and balancing stimulator. They were also really enthusiastical with how Automotive department conducted the training for teachers. They were very pleased when the representative of P4TK VEDC of Malang gave a moduleused for a training package. The Lao PDR delegation stated that they will follow up the cooperation with P4TK VEDC of Malang.


List of Participants


Name & Surname



Mr. Nouphanh OUTSA

Director General, TVE-Department, MOES

STVET Project Director


Mr. Soulikhamkone SISOULATH

Director, Vocational Education Development Institute (VEDI)



Director, Pakpasak Technical College



Director, Vientiane-Hanoi Friendship Technical and Vocational College



Deputy Director, Polytechnic College



Deputy Director, Technical College of Vientiane Province


Mr. Khamsavang CHANTHACHAK

Deputy Director, Technical and Vocational College of Champasak Province


Mr. Siphaivanh PHOMMASONE

Deputy Director, Technical and Vocational College of Khammouane Province



Deputy Director, Lao-German Technical School


Mr. Chittakone SISANONH

Deputy Director, Dongkhamxang Agricultural Technical School



Deputy Director, Savannakhet Technical and Vocational School


Mr. Bounthieng THIPSAVANH

Deputy Director, LuangPrabang Technical and Vocational School



Director, Administrative Division, TVED

Head of STVET Project Implementation Unit Office


Mr. Joachim WAGNER

Consultant Team Leader of STVET Project


Mrs. Early Diah Bintari

Managing Director, EDUCON Indonesia, Surabaya


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