Embedded Web Server using Arduino Ethernet Shield part 1

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Embedded Web Server


using Arduino Ethernet Shield




The purpose of this project is to design a control system that able to control a system device remotely from distance and monitoring condition of the system in real-time as well. It starts with the very basics of hosting a simple web page on the Arduino and advances step-by-step from there.

This project shows how to set up an Arduino with Ethernet shield as a web server. The web servers in this Project are used to serve up web pages that can be accessed from a web browser and allows our hardware to be controlled from web browser. Starting from basic, our example for this project is simple. We want to acces our device by switching ON-OFF LED and monitor analog input  data acquisition from web server, which are the computer and Arduino connected to the same network.

 1.2 Prequesites

 Prior to participation in this exercise students should :

-          understand basic electronics

-          be able to operate a computer system

      -          be able to basic C programming.

     -          Knowing basic web browser

  1.3Job Profile

 Students hopefully skilled and expert designing,  programming and applying digital analogue systems based on Ethernet network. They are prosecuted to apply conventional simple control via ethernet network as the basis of advanced technology.

  The students will be able to:

-          Understand basic topology of Ethernet Network

-          Define the functional requirements of Embedded Webserver  control system.

      -          Perform mid-level webserver design by defining appropriate control systems to perform specific tasks.

      -          Utilize knowledge of C programming to design particular control based Embedded Webserver.

      -          Program and troubleshoot microcontroller and Ethernet networks.

      -          Review previous system performance and carry out comprehensive system tests, with the aim of locating ways to        optimize next issues.

-          Develop specifications for automation system communication integration

1.4Project Discription 

This project involves developing hardware and software, where students are given task to assembly module and electronic circuit in bread board and programming microcontroller using C programming. Programming in this project basicly is divided into two parts, hardware programming and develop web programming.

The following materials are provided to each students, 

Hardware :

-          Arduino Uno                                      1

-          Arduino Ethernet shield                  1

-          Bread board                                      2

-          LED red 3mm                                    8

-          Push button Switch                          2

-          Variable resistor 10kΩ                     2

-          Resistor 330Ω                                   12

-          Resistor 1kΩ                                      2

-          Ethernet LAN cable                          1

-          Wire

-          Multimeter

-          Minus screw driver 

-          Clipper

-          Wire cutter

 Software : 

-          Java Runtime Environtment (JRE 6.0 or higher)

-          Arduino IDE

-          Web browser (Mozila Firefox, Internet Explorer, Chrome etc)

Complete instructions on how to assembly  and programming in this document. However, there are some important design considerations that should be taken into account during construction. For example, installation Ethernet shield should be on right direction, if any mistake happened, it will cause permanent damage in our device. Another example are should be aware about supply source in our circuit and  notice that when using a power supply from your laptop, you will not be able to access pin 0 and pin 1, because these pin is used as serial communication Tx, Rx via the USB cable.

Figure 1.  Networks topology embedded web server


Figure 2.  Analog and Digital Input System Using Embedded Web Server


1.     Setting it up is as simple as plugging the header pins from the shield into Arduino minimum system.


  1. Plug in USB cable to Arduino and Ethernet LAN cable to Ethernet shield, then connect it with computer or Laptop.


  1. Open the Arduino development environment, open  example file.                                                                                                           File -->  Example --> Ethernet --> Webserver


  1. Look for the following code which set the Ethernet Shield IP. Change the IP  address ex :                 change and match MAC address from Ethernet shield (can be seen in bottom of PCB)








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