53-016 Linear Power Supply Trainer

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53 - 016

Linear Power Supply Trainer


The Linear Power Supply Trainer was specially designed to satisfy electronics laboratories, maintenance and servicing needs. It also can be used for circuits experiment analysis in teaching process of school, universities or training courses. This product has ability to keep output voltage constants, without considering the variation of load current, input voltage and temperature gradient.

This power supply use allumunium plate as the material of its box, so it has a lightweight and easy to place everywhere. The output current and voltage is immediately readable through LED indicator that located on the front panel of the power supply.


Installed Component

·     Industrial standard mark, with the high capability

·     Available on many market, so it's easy to change


Dimension (approximately)

Length                         :   300 mm

Wide                            :   240 mm

High                             :   200 mm

Substance of Box

Aluminum Plate


Base Cover                 : Red



·     Banana Jumper Cables

·     Job sheet with circuit description

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